Friday, April 15, 2011

How they made lemonade with apples

How to make a million dollars selling your body! In all seriousness, I'm going to talk about the conversion from the paper book to the e book. How does it benefit authors? How does it screw over authors? I'll attempt to answer these questions with fairly common knowledge for you to ponder again.

Benefits. People now have Under the Dome on a device maybe the size of their phone. Instead of only reading a few pages at night before the weight of said book knocks you out, you can flip through a few pages waiting in line or standing at the urinal
Watching for the ricochet of course. With this new mobility, readers read more meaning authors sell more. If a publisher decides your lesbian vampire slaying novel in space doesn't fit their mold then you can give it life in many different venues. And if you give it twenty sequels you might earn a few dollars. As for the few people who do publish dead tree books, once their contracts go dry they can sell their backlist off and take home much larger royalty's ala Mike Resnick and others.

I'm sure there are others but lets stay focused.

Downfalls. No physical tokens to fill up a bookcase to show off to people so they can say hey he's either smart or a loner. Like everything else digitized jack sparrow and Blackbeard feel as though it's theirs to snatch up. Some authors have said this is actually beneficial so stick it in limbo if you want. Books selling normally for 24.95 get slapped with a .99 cent price tag. If your self pubbing it ain't bad but if your through a real publisher then Joe Nick Rob Mel and Mary get their take as well and .99 cents doesn't split too well. The ease of creating an ebook has given Uncle Todd the ability to pub his book on worm hunting even though he's a high school dropout. in other words the sewage gates have lifted flooding us with crap.

There you have. The paper monkey be ones a robot man. Evolution has come to publishing and no one knows whether we'll end up with lemonade or rotten apples but if you want to be an author you need to know this stuff.

Why does my iPod change ebook to snook? Influence of the new jersians perhaps?

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