Friday, April 29, 2011

My passwords, Ids and everything else

One of the most annoying things about the internet is all of these damn Ids and passwords that I have to memorize. Half the websites you go to nowadays want you to create a profile, get a username, upload a pic and claim some snappy headline. Then you get as many friends as you can to be popular on the Internet just so you can pimp your soap, book or any and everything else that can be sold. These friends turn out to be customers, fans to whatever it is your trying to sell them. But it brings people together. We harmonize on the internet, find our cliques and meet friends in Paraguay that we'll never meet. Yet they're voices that talk back in monotonous tones like the beep of a button, the hum of your phone. We have other to talk to and we can sell our stuff to. Every other person out there has an ebook, or sings or paints. They all build fans that they call friends and span the net dragging them in to sign up to their newsletter, follow their twitter, stop by their blog or website. And here I am. I can't even remember the god damn password to twitter or what profile name I used for blogger. So many people can build a brand. All I can do is write. Actually that's yet to be proved.

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