Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Neil Gaiman's a badass

I love HBO and Tom Hanks if he had anything to do with this. Like I've previously said I've just gotten into genre books. Neil Gaiman is by far my favorite author since coming into the genre and I've only read American gods and Anasi boys. I do this thing when I find a new author where I try to spread out their books so I'm not reading their whole list right away, which sucks because I've wanted to read the graveyard book ever since I put down Anansi boys. Good thing there's pyr. I'm obsessed with almost all those steampunk series.

Who's not psyched about six American god novels? It's possibly the best book of it's decade and I might read it again. This post was so pointless...but then again no ones reading it so who fucking cares. Haha.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Before the milk turns to cheese

I've been working on my latest book for four months now with the intention of finding a publisher and agent for it as soon as I can. I have another baby due in December, college resuming in September and another book that I want to write before then. I don't have time to go the old way. Then I hear all these stories of indie authors doing great through smashwords and amazon and I sit here wondering what the he'll I'm doing. I've wrote six full length novels. I know how the hell to write. I shouldn't need to plow through the bs of the publishing world for ten years before getting lucky. I don't have the money to go to cons and make friends with agents and authors. Why am I telling my zero readers this? To justify quitting a part of my dream, to put that great hope of being Signed by a publisher, feel my physical book in my hand and see my name climb the new york times list. It's hard and I've wavered long enough on the subject. I need an editor and someone to do the cover and then I can release it. If it fails it will be on the merits of it not being good enough and not because I didn't win the lottery and land an agent.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fucking drink trays

Thats all I have to say right? Plane takes off and you run to the bathroom as soon as they start with their trays. You piss all over the wall and get out to find the attendant pushing the stupid tray down the aisle, charging 4 bucks a can of pop, makin you sit in an empty seat for half a fuckin hour before they're done. And who the fuck pays this money for shit food when they could've bought something twice as big for a dollar less in the terminal? Airplanes suck and once again makes me that guy with the screaming baby in the other row that can't control his kid. Fuck everyone, babies hate planes.
In other news I took a week off from writing for vacation. I can't wait to jump back in.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

My acka is killing me

Just finished writing my second novel in three months and my eyes hurt. I only have the first drafts completed so it's not as if either is truly done but it's good to have the first drafts ready. I figure I'm going to alternate between writing a first draft, then editing my previous work till it's completely done and then going back to writing another first draft giving everything time to sit while also keeping me busy and excited with new work. Id go crazy working on the same book for six months or so all at once. The revision and editing part might take more time the The first draft but I'm prepared and have made 40 pages of notes, biographies, city structures, maps, weird stuff, tech and religion to really add depth to the story. I've never really liked the revision process before but with all that I've learned over the past six months plus my notes, I'm actually looking forward to making this book better. it'll be interesting to find the line between adding depth and giving life to the world versus piling on useless info or elaborating on a species of bee known only in the desert. Also it's one of those things where I don't want to simply give everything a new name. Exa a door is called puda. Thats extreme and not so in the book but I don't want to overload the reader with translations that makes the whole experience annoying.
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Happy Pickle Week!...

Aside from donut day or whatever it's called, international pickle week is the most random thing celebrated at my office. It's nothing more then trays of cheeses, meats, pickles and bowls of chips in the lunch room for a week straight but why the hell is this celebrated at all? And are there other obscure food holidays like meatloaf eve, sushi-giving, or eggnog brandy day, oh wait that's a crappy Xmas.
I don't hate it. In fact I'm going to steal this idea and use it somewhere in my books. This is the kind of obscure crap thats seen as strange but actually adds depth to a story. As a writer it's important to make mental notes of things like this and not judge it hut rather explore it, it's origins and importance to further your writing.
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Good beer kills

I love Sam Adams cream stout. It might be my new favorite beer. Its thick and tasty as hell. iPod changes hell to he'll every time. Reading American Psycho and the murder scenes are truly horrific. The book is great and better then the movie. I'm two chapters into the editing process and it's not as bad or timely as I thought. I'm by no means rushing it but I know what I'm looking for and always wary of that voice of doubt that creeps up and says my book sucks and that I should throw out any idea of getting anything published. I hate that voice. Thus the beer! Also what you read influences what you write and American psycho being a present tense satire totally fucks with my writing. Good thing I go over each section three times.

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