Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Behemoth and why YA isn't my favorite cheese

Steampunk airships, clockwork cities, tesla coils, strange creature ships and such all set against World War 1 following the viewpoints of two teenagers...damn. Now, I'm not against young adult books. I like them in their respective places and I do like this book as well. The only reason I show any reservations is because of how cool this concept could be when applied to an adult situation. Of course, had it been marketed for adults, there would go all the cool illustrations that I found myself geeking over. I just find the whole idea a little hard to swallow because of the context that this is amidst World War one. The reality of death, a huge part of war, is glazed over momentarily in this second installment without much thought by the protagonist.
Aside from my minor complaints, I did like this book. The world is fully imagined, the ships or tanks or whatever are cool, the behemoth itself I wish had more play but it's one moment is pretty cool. The twists are good and the story is moving at a good pace. I'm no war historian but I think the Americans will finally show up in the third book.
Overall, 7/10 only because I'd love this more if it were for adults.

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