Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to publish books for dummies

What a blast! I just finished formatting my ebook for smashwords, amazon, epub, and also for Createspace. They've been up for a week and so far I've had...wait for it...0 sales! yah! Fun stuff. I'm kidding. You need to tend to the egg and put it under a heat lamp so that it breaks out of it's shell and becomes an ugly duckling. I'm just impatient I guess. I want someone to read it. Anyone. I can't even get my wife to read it, and no, not because she doesn't like it (you would need to actually read at least one page to say that). Regardless, haven't posted for a while and I know my 0 fans need something so there you have it. Mr. Bradley & The Amazing Smoke Giant is up.

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