Saturday, May 7, 2011

Peas please! You jacka**

Podcasts are awesome for writers and everyone else but I don't care about them. No I'm focusing on writing podcasts in particular. I probably haven't heard all of them but I've heard a good portion of a lot of them to know the flavors. Here are some of them in no particular order.
1. Writing excuses. (hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Howard Taylor and a ton of co hosts)
This one is all about the nuts and bolts of writing as long as the comedic styling of Dan and Howard. My only complaint against this one is that its only 15 mins. That's their tagline but still I could listen to them discuss for an hour. By far my favorite.
2. I should be writing ( Murr Lafferty: sorry if I misspelled the last name)
This one is more for your emotional support as you witness Murr's own struggles as a writer. It's comedic and does provide a nice boost every once in a while. Some say the host is a downer but that's definitely relatable in the life of a writer.
3. Adventures in sci-fi publishing ( Shaun Farrell)
I was at first adverse to this one thinking I was only about science fiction but it's more genre then anything. The host is professional and gets interviews all the time. Plus it's usually around 45 mins so it takes a good chunk of the work day when surf the backlist.
4. The writing show ( Paula B)
This one is the barest of podcasts with no music or humor but it's educational. The host goes over a wide array of subjects, talks to authors and gets good content. The show has changed recently to the host going over the slush pile which is good but there are still a lot o interesting shows in the backlist.
5. Wordplay ( K M Weiland)
This podcast is so short it's almost not worth mentioning. It's a good spring board for the writer and she does offer content but it's recycled from others. That and the average episode is around 6 mins.

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