Sunday, May 15, 2011

Coagulated blood yesterday

I have nothing against twilight but I don't like it because of the poor writing , the bland characters, the fact the whole thing read like a diary but mostly, that she warranted an army of writers to write their own cheesy teenage vampire story. They're mostly successful too which bugs me more. What I don't like about all of this is the lack of true creativity. Why have people fixated on only Dracula? What's to stop someone from writing the next good monster book that's a literary work as well? No profit? Doubt it. Monsters in books are thrown in as candy or fanfare just to kick the plot up a bit or give it a cooler cover.
That being said the real reason for this post is to say one thing. The overuse of vampires as, not only that strange secret about the new boy which everyone sees coming now, but as lead characters has destroyed their value as a lead character. They should be secondary characters in the background now. Or, perhaps; back to being the antagonist. Are vampires strong enough to bear the burden of a narrative? Yes and they probably always will be able to. But the way they've been used recently, especially making them as these vegan good guys, is getting old. Did I put a vampire in my book? Yes but he was in it for five pages, had steam powered organs and simply moved the plot forward. But hey it'll look good on the cover.

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