Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eating words

I recently posted a blog about how annoyed I was at the use of vampires as the protagonist in novels. I felt they had been over killed and all shared the same tropes. A day after I posted that I read Vampire Empire book one the Greyfriar and finished it in three days. Damn I feel stupid. This isn't young adult nor is it Ann rice; it's a steam punk action story with political conquest at its heart set in an awesomely horrible world where vampires have taken over the upper half of the world. Human societies exist in warm climates because heat makes vampires weak in this book. It doesn't break the mold as far as doing something completely different but it does put our blood sucking friends in a new area with all the awesomeness of a good steam punk book.
So yeah, I'm chewing on words and eagerly awaiting the second in this series. I think as a guy I'm sick of seeing vampires portrayed as a romantic. I read Dracula. That mother fucker seduced women so he could drain them, not so he could turn them and live thousands of years with their soul mate. It's counterintuitive for a vampire to be seeking a life long mate. I could go on but I won't. Vampires in war: good. Vampires in high school: bad. Simple as that.

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