Friday, July 8, 2011

Hating the spoken book

Podcast books suck. Forget poor grammar. Forget bad writing. Forget all of the amateur nuances in general. I'm simply saying that most people who read their novels, or someone else's out loud suck. Ive tried listening to 5 or 6 now and the only one I found enjoyable suffers from horrible writing. Other than that, the only reason his is any good is because of his voice acting skills. Without them I would've stopped listening 5 months ago. What I would do, if I ever did podcast, is make a radio drama out of my books. Those are awesome. It takes the beat from movies with the style of books and makes a great story. Instead you get nasally whiny voices drawing on and on, each one promoting the other crappy one. Other people obviously like these but for me, it takes the whole intimacy out of a book.

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