Thursday, July 21, 2011

Martian shorts with Ray

What a great book. I usually don't like short story's and never read them but told in a format like this where each is relevant to the other is pretty cool. It reminds me of Chuck Palahniuks Haunted which is probably the only other book of shorts I've read. Bradbury's style of writing is amazing too. It's depressing in a way because I look at my writing and think, why the he'll isn't mine like that! But then I remember that i suck and the world is back in orbit. He crafted a story and told it with so much excitement and love that you can feel it in the words. A lot of authors can't do that or just don't want to do that. They string together a clever little book with plot and the right ingredients and people buy them cause they're interesting but a true writer can do what Bradbury and others did. I just hope I can develop the craft and not just the mechanics which is what it boils down to. Those who know the mechanics spend their lives on the mid list which I wouldn't mind but I want that greater level.

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