Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My name is jack and bob and aaron

Up until today I've been pretty steadfast in my ideas on using a pen name for writing different genres. I've always felt like anyone reading one of my books would enjoy any other. I skip around in genres and tone all the time: sometimes I write something funnier and lighter and other times I'll write a serious horror story. It's hard enough to make a name for yourself as a writer online and to have to create another person and do all that social networking again seems impossible. But I heard a podcast today from an author who writes in probably six different genres, all in different pen names. At first I thought she was an idiot but then she said it was to give the audience the brand and style of story they crave. And that made me think. Maybe its not such a bad idea. Most of all writers are stuck in their genre no matter what they do. It would suck to put something out there that doesn't have my name on it but I think as long as people like it, it'll be worth it. It's interesting because we do live in this digital age where you can write whatever you want and put it up as an ebook without having to ask a Publisher if you can write this type of book or that type. For established authors, like the one I heard, that choice isn't given since they need to meet the obligations that the people who write their checks demand. Indie authors don't. But still, if a fan of mine comes looking for an action adventure with more humor then horror and they wind up with a disturbing space monster tale, they might be disappointed. It's definitely something to think about. Till then, I'll continue to put off writing any horror till I know. It's not like there's a market for it anyways.

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