Monday, July 11, 2011

Voices From the Street rating

I can't believe I waited two years to read this book from when I got it. Its by Phillip K Dick and it's the only thing I've read by him which is odd because he's a science fiction author yet I read this, it being a present, knowing nothing about him or his other works. If his genre stuff is as good as Voices From the Street, then I cant wait to pick up others. I can't pinpoint why I enjoyed this book so much but I can say it asked questions, some of which are still relevant today and it was smart and the descriptions were minute in detail. The characters were all complex and emotional; the main character especially. I don't think there's any action in the book so I wouldn't go into this thinking that's what your gonna get. This is a 50's realist novel (for what it's worth) and I don't know, its just really good and relateable till a point. For some reason the tops of the pages on the copy i got were still bunched together so I had to cut them apart the whole time but I'm sure its a freak accident. 9/10

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