Saturday, June 4, 2011

My acka is killing me

Just finished writing my second novel in three months and my eyes hurt. I only have the first drafts completed so it's not as if either is truly done but it's good to have the first drafts ready. I figure I'm going to alternate between writing a first draft, then editing my previous work till it's completely done and then going back to writing another first draft giving everything time to sit while also keeping me busy and excited with new work. Id go crazy working on the same book for six months or so all at once. The revision and editing part might take more time the The first draft but I'm prepared and have made 40 pages of notes, biographies, city structures, maps, weird stuff, tech and religion to really add depth to the story. I've never really liked the revision process before but with all that I've learned over the past six months plus my notes, I'm actually looking forward to making this book better. it'll be interesting to find the line between adding depth and giving life to the world versus piling on useless info or elaborating on a species of bee known only in the desert. Also it's one of those things where I don't want to simply give everything a new name. Exa a door is called puda. Thats extreme and not so in the book but I don't want to overload the reader with translations that makes the whole experience annoying.
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