Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Before the milk turns to cheese

I've been working on my latest book for four months now with the intention of finding a publisher and agent for it as soon as I can. I have another baby due in December, college resuming in September and another book that I want to write before then. I don't have time to go the old way. Then I hear all these stories of indie authors doing great through smashwords and amazon and I sit here wondering what the he'll I'm doing. I've wrote six full length novels. I know how the hell to write. I shouldn't need to plow through the bs of the publishing world for ten years before getting lucky. I don't have the money to go to cons and make friends with agents and authors. Why am I telling my zero readers this? To justify quitting a part of my dream, to put that great hope of being Signed by a publisher, feel my physical book in my hand and see my name climb the new york times list. It's hard and I've wavered long enough on the subject. I need an editor and someone to do the cover and then I can release it. If it fails it will be on the merits of it not being good enough and not because I didn't win the lottery and land an agent.

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