Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Neil Gaiman's a badass

I love HBO and Tom Hanks if he had anything to do with this. Like I've previously said I've just gotten into genre books. Neil Gaiman is by far my favorite author since coming into the genre and I've only read American gods and Anasi boys. I do this thing when I find a new author where I try to spread out their books so I'm not reading their whole list right away, which sucks because I've wanted to read the graveyard book ever since I put down Anansi boys. Good thing there's pyr. I'm obsessed with almost all those steampunk series.

Who's not psyched about six American god novels? It's possibly the best book of it's decade and I might read it again. This post was so pointless...but then again no ones reading it so who fucking cares. Haha.

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