Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Pickle Week!...

Aside from donut day or whatever it's called, international pickle week is the most random thing celebrated at my office. It's nothing more then trays of cheeses, meats, pickles and bowls of chips in the lunch room for a week straight but why the hell is this celebrated at all? And are there other obscure food holidays like meatloaf eve, sushi-giving, or eggnog brandy day, oh wait that's a crappy Xmas.
I don't hate it. In fact I'm going to steal this idea and use it somewhere in my books. This is the kind of obscure crap thats seen as strange but actually adds depth to a story. As a writer it's important to make mental notes of things like this and not judge it hut rather explore it, it's origins and importance to further your writing.
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